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My Bookish Soulmate + The Great Gatsby| Literary Dinner Party Tag

Well hello there. I am a simple girl. I like long walks on the beach, pretty stationary (with no intention of writing letters. I just like the idea...), and as much organizational supplies as one can fit in a room (again, I have no intention of organizing my life. I just like the idea). I'm pretty easy to impress, and more than happy to accept any gift because I'm just so gosh-darn grateful for anything (you could give me a mud-covered rock that you picked up five seconds ago and say it reminded you of me, and I would probably keep it forever).

But: There are a few cases where I am extremely particular.
Socks. Tea (I turn into a disgruntled diva if I don't have my tea just right. It is a science.)My pillow (again, if I don't have it just right...) But we're not here to discuss those things I'm particular about. We're here to discus my favorite two. 
Books and food.
Thanks to Florid Sword, I get to ramble about both at the same time through the wonders of ficti…

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